Have you got something specific in mind? Please contact us to make your food vision come true. We love to deviate from the beaten track and deliver unforgettable plant-based catering experiences!

Chia pudding superfood cups


Scones - matcha and golden sultana or apple rosemary scones served with jam and whipped cream

Chia pudding superfood cups - chia and coconut milk pudding with blueberries, blue spirulina and pitaya powder

Coconut black rice breakfast pudding - black sticky rice in creamy coconut milk topped with seasonal tropical fruit, shredded coconut and maple syrup

Overnight oats bowls - your choice of golden milk oats, coconut latte oats or blueberry oats

Ham, cheese and tomato mini-croissants - vegan ham, cheese and tomato-filled mini croissants

Cooked buffet breakfast – house-made maple sage sausages, bacun, tofu egg slices, baked beans, mushrooms, hash browns, roasted tomatoes and wilted spinach

Fruit salad cups – seasonal fruit

Fruit platter – seasonal fruit

Banh mi with tempeh


Salad rolls or wraps - avocado, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, mayo

Bacun, chutney, cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches – house-made bacun, onion chutney. cucumber and cream cheese on wholemeal bread

vEgg salad and lettuce rolls - egg-style tofu, mayo and chives mix with lettuce in mini wholemeal rolls

Italian paninis - marinated grilled eggplant, house-made vegan salami and mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil in an Italian bread roll

Black bean burritos - refried black beans and brown rice with pico de gallo, guacamole, coriander, ancho chilli sauce (optional) and jalapenos (optional) in a flour tortilla

Sausage fajitas - sausage crumble with pico de gallo (tomato salsa), guacamole, coriander, spicy ancho chilli sauce (optional) and jalapenos (optional) in a flour tortilla

Frittata - Mediterranean eggless frittata with sundried tomatoes, herbs and veggies

German bratwurst hotdogs – house-made seitan bratwurst sausages and house-made sauerkraut with mustard-mayo in a hotdog roll

Frankfurt hotdogs – house-made frankfurters, onion, cheese and tomato sauce in a hotdog roll

Tempeh banh mi – marinated tempeh, cucumber, daikon, coriander, mayo and sriracha in a crusty bread roll

Katsu curry


Massaman curry (no added gluten) - classic Thai curry originating from Persia. Potatoes, carrots and green beans in a a richly spiced, coconut sauce served with fragrant jasmine rice

Japanese katsu curry - deep flavoured curry with potatoes, carrots and green peas, served with koyadofu cutlets (Japanese tofu cutlets), short grain rice, spring onions and black sesame seeds

Aviyal (no added gluten) - this famous dish from South India features seasonal vegetables in delicious spices with coconut yoghurt and shredded coconut. Served with rice

Moussaka - rich Greek bake with aubergines and potatoes, lentil-and-red-wine ragu and creamy bechamel sauce

Pineapple fried rice - Thai fried rice with pineapple and mixed veggies

Dandan noodles - fresh noodles slathered in a rich tahini sauce with mouth-watering Szechuan pepper and topped with crispy, tangy plant-based mince

Broccoli casserole – broccoli and creamy cheesy mushrooms with crispy breadcrumbs and slivered almonds on top. Served with roasted potatoes

Moroccan meatballs with herbed brown rice - lightly spiced plant-based mince meatballs in a rich tomato sauce with herbed rice and toasted almonds

Middle Eastern bowl


Roasted broccolini salad bowl - delicious, colourful roast vegetables, white beans and delicate broccolini, finished off with lemon and herb dressing and maple seed brittle

Japanese bowl (no added gluten) - tofu, furikake, pickled ginger, activated tamari almonds, cucumber, radish, carrot, spring onion, Chinese cabbage and brown rice with light miso sesame dressing

Indonesian gado gado bowl (no added gluten) - tofu, potato and vegetables in peanut sauce topped with fried crispy shallots

Sesame peanut tofu noodle bowl - buckwheat soba noodles in a rich, peanut sesame sauce topped with fried tofu, fresh iceberg lettuce and cucumber

Ginger beetroots and lentil bowl with tahini and agave (no added gluten) - tender roasted beats and lentils in a sumptuous ginger vinaigrette, drizzled with tahini and agave nectar

Middle Eastern bowl (no added gluten) - silky roasted pumpkin, crispy cauliflower with Middle Eastern spices, tomato, cucumber, parsley and mint, topped with marinated red pepper, house-made hummus and dukkah

Mediterranean salad


Mexican bean salad (no added gluten) - kidney beans, peppers, corn, onion in an avocado creme dressing

Creamy corn and bacun pasta salad - fresh corn, baby tomatoes, bacun and mini pasta in a creamy mayo dressing

Potato salad (no added gluten) - potatoes, capers and mixed herbs in olive oil and vinegar dressing

Rainbow coleslaw (no added gluten) - mixed cabbage, carrots and white onion in creamy dressing

Kale and sweet potato salad (no added gluten)- baked sweet potato, finely chopped kale and quinoa salad with tahini dressing

Genovese pesto pasta salad - farfalle, potato and green beans with house-made green pesto

Orange almond cake


Chocolate brownie - dense chocolate and nut squares

Mini cupcakes - two choices:

  • Lemon cupcakes with lemon frosting
  • German chocolate cupcakes

Pumpkin parfait - spice cake, ginger syrup and pumpkin mousse, whipped cream

Orange almond cake - moist citrus orange and almond cake topped with shaved almonds

Chocolate mousse cups - mini chocolate mousse cups, sweetened with dates topped with strawberries

Coconut macaroons - shredded coconut cookies dipped in dark chocolate

Chocolate drizzled strawberry skewers - dark chocolate-drizzled strawberries on skewers

Banana berry smoothie


Tea and coffee - coffee and a selection of teas with of soy, oat and almond milk

Banana peanut butter smoothie - banana, peanut butter and hemp seeds blended with your choice of soy, oat or almond milk

Banana, peanut butter & chosolate smoothie - banana, peanut butter, cacao and hemp seeds blended with your choice of soy, oat or almond milk

Forest fruit smoothie – banana and red berries with your choice of soy, oat or almond milk

Vitality green juice – house-made, cold-pressed kale, celery, green apple and lemon juice

Detox red juice - house-made, cold-pressed beetroot, carrot, apple and ginger juice

House-made lemonade - refined-sugar free option available