Why plant based?

There are three good reasons to eat plant-based food. It’s good for your health, good for the planet and you help save the lives of animals.

Two young women exercising against orange background

For your health

Many experts agree that a whole-food plant-based diet is the healthiest diet on the planet. Eating healthy vegan food is known to boost energy levels, physical performance and immunity, promote weight-loss.

Scientific research shows that a plant-based diet may even help prevent, treat, or reverse some of today's leading causes of death, including heart disease, certain types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Blue Mountains waterfall

For a liveable planet

The effects of global warming are increasingly felt in Australia. Bushfires and floods have devastating consequences for communities across the country while high temperatures and humidity are affecting all of us.

Recent academic research has established that animal agriculture is responsible for at least 87% of greenhouse gas emissions when taking its collateral damage into account, such as desertification, deforestation, habitat destruction, wildlife extinction, and ocean dead zones, all of which degrade the climate.

Piglet looking in lens

For a kinder world

Animals are sentient beings. Like humans, they experience joy, grief and fear.

Each year, tens of billions of animals are killed for food, most of them after having lived a short and miserable life. Or they are kept alive for a couple of years to provide milk or eggs.

Eating plant-based saves the lives of animals and helps create a kinder world.