Food for good

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Packed with flavour

Creating delicious plant-based food is our passion and expertise. We draw inspiration from cuisines all over the world to create mind-blowing recipes.

Thai, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Korean, Greek, Indonesian… you name it!

Our chefs are obsessed with flavour and you can taste that in every bite. Plant-based catering has never been tastier!

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Immune boosting

Our nutritionist-designed menu is rooted in the whole-food plant-based diet, which many scientists consider the healthiest diet on the planet, known to boost energy levels, physical performance and immunity.

Scientific research shows that a plant-based diet may even help prevent, treat, or reverse some of today's leading causes of death, including heart disease, certain types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Our food is bound to make you feel happier, healthier and more alive. That’s what we are here for to help you achieve with plant-based catering!

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Planet friendly

Recent academic research has established that animal agriculture is responsible for at least 87% of greenhouse gas emissions when taking its collateral damage into account, such as desertification, deforestation, habitat destruction, wildlife extinction, and ocean dead zones, all of which degrade the climate.

Our meals have up to 75% lower CO2 emissions compared to animal-based meals and we strive for sustainability in every aspect of our business, from our packaging to waste management. It’s central to who we are.