Mexican bean salad (no added gluten) - kidney beans, peppers, corn, onion in an avocado creme dressing

Creamy corn and bacun pasta salad - fresh corn, baby tomatoes, bacun and mini pasta in a creamy mayo dressing

Potato salad (no added gluten) - potatoes, capers and mixed herbs in olive oil and vinegar dressing

Rainbow coleslaw (no added gluten) - mixed cabbage, carrots and white onion in creamy dressing

Kale and sweet potato salad (no added gluten)- baked sweet potato, finely chopped kale and quinoa salad with tahini dressing

Genovese pesto pasta salad - farfalle, potato and green beans with house-made green pesto

Have you got something else in mind? Please contact us to discuss other plant-based catering salad options and make your food vision come true.